How To Be Billionaire-Happy Like Richard Branson

Amanda SchillerTuesday 10 August 2021

It’s easy to look at the world’s richest and most famous people and yearn for the things that they have. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are so rich that they could literally buy any object or experience that they wanted. As a person who has to work to earn their living, this is sure to make a lot of people pine for the things that billionaires have.

However, most billionaires will be quick to tell you that money isn’t everything. In fact, there is one billionaire in particular who insists that his fortune has nothing to do with his happiness. In fact, he goes so far as to claim that he amassed his fortune after he learned to be happy.

This article will take a look at how you can be billionaire-happy like Richard Branson.

“I know I’m fortunate to live an extraordinary life, and that most people would assume my business success, and the wealth that comes with it, have brought me happiness. But they haven’t; in fact, it’s the reverse. I am successful, wealthy, and connected because I am happy.”

            -Richard Branson

Go into business to make life better, not to make money

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur among entrepreneurs. While most billionaire’s success often comes from the success of one company (I.E. Jeff Bezos & Amazon) Richard Branson is known for starting dozens of companies. He started plenty when he was in his teens and twenties and today his Virgin Group is an umbrella company for over 60 companies.

It might sound very conflicting then, that Richard Branson is often quoted saying that a person’s success should be defined by their happiness, not the amount of money that they have. Isn’t the main point of starting a business to make money?

What Richard Branson is saying is that when you open up any business, you should be focused on how you can make life better for other people. Helping out your fellow man will ultimately make you feel better and bring you your own happiness. Once this has been achieved, money will follow. This brings us to Branson’s second point on being happy.

Have fun in everything that you do

If you are not having fun while doing something then you should stop doing it as quickly as you can. This tip is mainly true when it comes to your work. Many life coaches have noticed that there is a significant connection between a person’s happiness and whether or not they feel that they do meaningful work.

Even though sometimes bills need to be paid and there are only so many jobs available, you should do everything in your power to make sure that you are feeling fulfilled and happy when you show up to work. Since this is where you are going to spend the bulk of your time, this should be a big source of your happiness.

Dream big

Another one of Richard Branson’s tips for being happy is to dream big. This might sound like cliche advice coming from someone who has already made it big. However, it’s important to remember that he was still very early on in his career when he launched Virgin Records and decided to take on the music career.

As they say, it’s better to live a life of mistakes instead of one full of regret. Even if you fail the first couple of times just keep pushing forward until eventually, a win comes your way. In order to make sure you have time for this, you should limit your screen time when necessary.

Put down your phone

Branson is a big advocate for putting down your cell phone occasionally. Although phones are obviously a very crucial tool in today’s day and age, they can also be a tremendous distraction that takes you away from being in the moment. This is especially true when you are spending time with loved ones.

If you’re not careful then your phone will constantly be sitting in the corner of your eye luring you away from life’s important moments. Whenever you are sitting in one of these moments, take the extra second to turn your phone on silent or even put it away entirely. You can always check your phone later but you can never relive a memory.

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Private Islands Of The Rich And Famous
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