Private Islands Of The Rich And Famous

Amanda SchillerTuesday 10 August 2021

The desire to grow up to one day be able to buy anything and everything you could ever want is a dream shared by plenty of younger people. However, this dream is actually a reality for a select group of people in the world. Billionaire founders of successful companies have accumulated so much money that they’re able to buy literally anything they could ever want, including their own private islands.

This article will take a look at a few private islands owned by the rich and the famous.

Larry Ellison – Lanai

Larry Ellison is known for finding the very popular cloud-services company Oracle, which has amassed him an incredible personal fortune of $111 billion. He has chosen to spend part of this fortune on purchasing the sixth-largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain: Lanai.

Ellison currently owns about 98% of the tropical paradise and reportedly spent about $300 million to make this purchase. The island features about 90,000 acres, two Four Season hotels, and a town of 3,200.

He purchased the island from another billionaire, David Murdoch who is best known for finding the successful food company Dole Foods.

Richard Branson – Necker Island

Richard Branson is an English entrepreneur who is responsible for founding the Virgin Group, which owns about 400 companies in different industries. A few of the Virgin Company’s holdings are Virgin Active, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Galactic. Along with purchasing a private island, Branson is one of a few billionaires (Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk) who are spending their personal fortune to compete in a space race.

The Virgin Company has allowed Branson to reach a net worth of about $4.8 billion, which is enough to allow him to purchase Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Necker Island is estimated to be worth about $100 million today, which is much more than he purchased it for. Branson has also turned this island into a luxury retreat that can host up to 28 people and costs up to $35,000 per week.

John Malone – Sampson Cay

John Malone was the CEO of Tele-Communications Inc. for 24 years until 1996 after amassing a fortune of $7.9 billion. Today is more well-known for owning large quantities of land in the United States (about 2.2 million acres by some estimates). Malone by himself owns plots of land that together would be bigger than the size of Rhode Island.

A small part of Malone’s real estate empire resides in Sampson Cay, which used to be a private retreat for wealthy yacht owners in the Bahamas. However, after purchasing the island in 2013, Malone closed off public access to the island and turned it into a private retreat for his family.

Kauai – Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is very commonly known for founding the legendary social media company Facebook, which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp. He founded Facebook when he was just 19 but since then has amassed a personal fortune of about $121 billion. This makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world and is more than enough to buy a private island or two.

Since he mainly resides in Palo Alto, California, Zuckerberg opted to buy his island relatively close by and chose Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. Although he does not own the entire island, Zuckerberg owns 3 separate estates on Kauai with about 1,300 acres combined.

His purchases did not go over smoothly with locals and there were even rumors of lawsuits involved. He was also accused of forcing neighboring residents to sell their land to him.

In addition to his Kauai land, Zuckerberg owns a significant estate at Lake Tahoe.

Larry Page – Eustatia Island

Larry Page co-founded Google, the most popular search engine in the world alongside Sergey Brin. Today, he has a net worth of about $108 billion and chose to purchase his private island in the British Virgin Islands. It’s a fun fact that Page was married on nearby Necker Island, which is owned by Richard Branson. Apparently, the wedding was so beautiful that Page decided he wanted an island in the British Islands for himself.

Page decided to purchase the island of Eustatia, which is completely solar-powered and has been touted as one of the most beautiful islands in the British Islands. Eustatia offers luxury villa rentals for guests looking to experience the very best of the Caribbean.

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