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The top 10 performing stocks of 2020

Amanda SchillerTuesday 10 August 2021

Wall street is known for its volatile atmosphere and tough as nails mentality to any market fluctuations. When an unimaginable pandemic was thrown at it, the stock market was caught by surprise. In the second quarter of 2020, we saw the worst single GDP decline ever, while unemployment rates in the US skyrocketed passed 14%[1].

With all that being said, those who managed to hold on to their assets through this uncertain time experienced a unprecedented bounce back that has not been felt in years. When looking for the top stocks we need to consider long term performance.

We have put together the best stocks in the S&P500 to date –

Microsoft +39%

December 2019: 157$/Share

December 2020: 218$/Share

In addition to the amazing growth this year, Microsoft Cloud Chief Jason Zander said that the company’s cloud product will be launched this month. The two products are Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Purview, both of which are designed to break down the “silos of data” every company has at their disposal.

Moderna : +600%

December 2019: 20$/Share

December 2020: 140$/Share

Even if we were to disregard the EU aggreging to buy 80 Million Covid 19 vaccines and an option to buy another 80 Million, The company already has supply agreements with the U.S., Canada, Japan, the U.K., Israel, Qatar, and Switzerland )not to mention other deals still in progress with several other countries(. There are a couple of reasons why Moderna’s vaccine seems to be the sought after one. While there are two other vaccines by Pfizer and AstraZeneca, it looks like Moderna’s vaccine offers the best balance of efficacy and easy storage and distribution.

Catalent Inc : +91%

December 2019: 55$/Share

December 2020: 105$/Share

According to Nasdaq reports, this firm, which is in the Medical – Drugs industry, saw EPS growth of 16.6% last year, and is looking great for this year too.

The current growth estimate is an EPS growth of 19%. Furthermore, the long-term growth rate is currently 18.3%, suggesting pretty good long-term prospects. In addition, the stock has seen estimates rise over the past month for the current fiscal year by about 4.1%.

Zoom : +515%

December 2019: 66$/Share

December 2020: 406$/Share

Zoom is one of the most exciting growth stocks of 2020. Zoom’s growth is driven by a shift toward remote working  from home, online education, and online social gathering during the Covid-19 pandemic. The platform’s simple user interface was the main driver motivating people to use it.

Amazon : +79%

December 2019: 1786$/Share

December 2020: 3201$/Share

The stock price has been rocketing upwards as Amazon benefited from millions of people in the U.S. (and abroad) turning to online shopping to get their essential like groceries, food, toiletries, and medicines. In these uncertain times where companies are cutting pays and jobs, Amazon has raised pay and hired more than 100K workers – and is planning to bring in more as it fulfills the huge  rise in demand.

Apple : +80%

December 2019: 70$/Share

December 2020: 126$/Share

Forbes has attributed Apple’s stock appreciation to We think there are three broad trends driving Apple’s multiple expansion, namely the pending launch of the 5G iPhone, strong services growth, and a possibility that Apple is being viewed as a “safe-haven” stock through the current economic turmoil.

Etsy : +331%

December 2019: 44$/Share

December 2020: 190$/Share

According to Forbes the rise in stock price is driven by Etsy’s solid performance through the Covid-19 pandemic, as the e-commerce marketplace saw demand for masks, handmade products, and craft supplies surge. Etsy stock currently trades at almost 6x the levels at which it was at the end of 2017.

Tesla : +758%

December 2019: 81$/Share

December 2020: 695$/Share

on Dec. 21 2020 Tesla will enter the S&P 500 as the sixth-largest company, just behind Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), and Facebook. Tesla’s meteoric rise this year even made her famous founder and CEO  Elon Musk to tweet about the stock price, saying he’s “too high”[1],  which led to 14 B $ decline off the electric carmaker’s market  value. . Now days, Analysts expect to prompt a heavy volume of trading due to the elevation of the company to the premier US stock market index.

FedEx : +95%

December 2019: 141$/Share

December 2020: 275$/Share

With Covid-19 being the biggest economic driver this year it comes as no surprise that FedEx made sure to expand their reach in the US and worldwide. With pricing initiatives and more priority shipping then ever, FedEx has closed out with a strong year.

Pay Pal : +118%

December 2019: 108$/Share

December 2020: 236$/Share

The evolution of digital payments has become the standard payment method this year. As a result of the company’s fundamental strength in this market, PayPal’s EPS Rating is a highest-possible, 99. PayPal continues to be a very good choice for risk-averse investors looking for a technology name. And going forward, PayPal stock will continue to have many powerful growth catalysts, including more people adapting the online payments system and the expansion of its physical business.




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